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Another new adventure!

I'm not sure why I do this to myself, but I've gone and signed up for yet ANOTHER social networking site. I must be nuts. But how could I really resist one that focuses on what I love most - BOOKS?! Clearly I couldn't. With that being said, I'm excited to explore booklikes and see all that it has to offer. I'll try to post on here on a regular basis so everyone knows what I'm up to. In the meantime, check out the pages on here to see my own books, which I'm sure I'll be mentioning once in a while in a post.


Can't wait to meet new people and find new books!





Masked (New World, #2)

Masked (New World, #2) - Janelle Stalder Because it's mine ;) Cover to come!
Falling Stars (A Surah Stormsong Novel, #2) - H.D. Gordon I just finished this, and I almost don't know what to say. It was so incredibly good, my brain is still trying to catch up with what just happened. Anyone who is a fan of H.D. knows that she loves to throw a lot of twist and turns at her readers. This makes for the type of story that literally leaves you on the edge of your seat. So much is happening in the second installment, I think fans are going to love it even more than the first. If you weren't hooked by Shooting Stars, you definitely will be now. Surah is the perfect mix of badass and vulnerability. Watching her figure out her feelings toward Charlie was an amazing journey for me. Their relationship is slow and sweet, and leaves me with a huge grin on my face. Charlie is once again lovable and hot. The supporting characters add another level of richness to the story, which I adored. If you know me, you know how much I like dual POVs, so it's no surprise that I loved that about this book as well. I actually liked Michael, aka Blackheart, even though we're not supposed to. He adds a little spice to the story, and his lover, the fae Queen, is quite possibly one of my favourite characters of all time. Every time she's in a seen I laugh out loud. And of course there's Samson...I wish he was real...and mine.
Falling Stars hits it out of the park. Most people say the second book in the series is hard to get right, and often doesn't live up to the first, but that is in no way the case here. I think this story is just getting started, and all of us readers are in for a ride. I can't wait to see where this series goes.
Pick this one up when it's out! You won't want to miss it! Well done, H.D. :)
Sun Poisoned (The Sunshine Series, #2) - Nikki Rae Thank you to Nikki Rae for letting me beta read this! Once again I am impressed by Nikki's amazing writing and her originality. Those who were fans of Sunshine will not be disappointed with this second novel. We're back with the same characters we fell in love with in book one, and now we can watch as they grow as adults. They're out of high school and in NY where things really start to heat up. And then there's Myles..<3 That's all I can say about that lol I love him. Can't wait to see what happens next!
Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout Oh Hunter...I giggle just thinking about him. JLA might be the Queen at writing bad boys. This was definitely a "read it in one sitting because you can't stop" kind of book. Loved it!
My Heart for Yours - Steph Campbell, Jolene Perry Love love love!
Going Under - S. Walden Wow. This book was not what I was expecting. This story will stick with me for a while. It's one of those books that is hard to stop thinking about even after you're done reading it. When I read what it was about I wasn't expecting the author to take me on such an emotional journey. I honestly didn't think she would push her characters as much as she did, but I'm so glad that she had the courage to do so. It was simply amazing, I couldn't put it down. A definite must read!
Real - Katy Evans Amazing!
Switch - Janelle Stalder Cover to come soon!!
Eden-East (Eden, #4) - Janelle Stalder Cover coming soon!
Shooting Stars (A Surah Stormsong Novel, #1) - H.D. Gordon So I beta read this one, and I'm so thankful to H.D. and Nicole for letting me.

Welcome to H.D.'s slightly lighter side. For those who found the Alexa series a bit dark, this might be more your cup of tea. What doesn't change is H.D.'s amazing writing. If anything it's even better. Her descriptions of this new world is exceptional. The story starts off right away and doesn't slow down until you find yourself at the end. I read it one day, it was that good. A definite "could not put it down" book. The characters and relationships are built so well. There's no information dumping or drag in the story, H.D. manages to give us background information and history in little bits throughout the story that it doesn't slow it down once. Samson is an amazing character that you will find yourself in love with. Charlie is *sigh* Charlie...I just love him. When I started reading this I wondered what the significance was of the title. To be honest it didn't quite fit for me, until I reached the part where it all came together, and by God! The title actual breaks my heart a little when I found the source. So good! A definite must read!

This is released on March 15th!!!
Sunshine (Sunshine, #1) - Nikki Rae Nikki Rae has gone and breathed life into the vampire world. We've all read books about vampires and humans, but Nikki has taken that formula and shaken it up. I love her characters and their growth throughout the novel. And most of all, I love Myles lol who couldn't after reading this? He is the sweetest vampire alive...or dead...you know what I mean. Loved it!
Measuring Up - Nyrae Dawn A beautiful story of love, courage, and belief in one's self. I adored the love story. The two had me captured from the beginning. What made this book even better than just a typical love story was the journey each character took on their own. Both MCs needed to learn to deal with their issues, and it was so nice to see the growth by the end. This book sends a good message to girls about loving yourself no matter what. It was definitey a page turner! Loved it :)
Shattered Edge (An Edge Novel, #2) - A.M. Hargrove Another hit by Mrs. Hargrove. There were a lot of familiar characters in this book that made it extra fun for me to read. The story was a touching love story with LOTS of heat. The Edge series is definitely a must read!
Redemption (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #4) - H.D. Gordon I don't even know what to say about this book. I had heard from a number of people that this was going to be the best in the series, and that the ending was going to blow my mind. Were they ever right! The last part of this book literally had me screaming, breathing a sigh of relief, and then back to screaming again while ending with a big cry. I honestly don't know what to say. The writing is obviously just as exceptional as the others, goes without saying. Alexa and Nelly are still as kick ass and lovable. The story itself...wow. It took a turn that left me spinning! I hate it and yet I love it. You'll have to read the book to understand. As much as I cried to the heavens "Why?! Dear God whhhyyy?", I also totally understand why H.D. ended this series the way she did. To be honest, and it hurts me to say because the ending really did kill a part of me inside, I probably would have done it the same way if it were me. As much as HEA's make us all warm and fuzzy, there are certain stories where that just doesn't work. I think H.D. stayed true to where this story was going and took a chance with how she wrapped it all up, but in a really sad way it was perfect. At one part I thought "No! She can't be ending it like this!" and then she gave me a slight ray of hope before crushing me again. And to be honest, that one ray of hope, even though I wanted it a lot, I thought it would have been the easy way out if she had went with it. But she didn't, she still took the hard road while mind effing us along the way, and still ended with our beating hearts in her hand. Again, I think it needed to happen, and I'm so amazed at this series as a whole. Great story, amazing characters, and above par writing. A, without a doubt, 5 stars!
Edge of Disaster (An Edge Novel, #1) - A.M. Hargrove I suck and have meant to review this for AGES! So A.M. is a very close friend of mine, I'm proud to say, and reading this book made me so proud of her. I feel like every book of hers just keeps getting better. I think the only reason this lost a star for me was because I read it after Dark Watlz, and I just didn't think it was quite as good. Might be because I have a serious infatuation with Jurek. I guess I like the moody, dark guys lol Pearce is super-hot too, don't get me wrong, but compared to good ol'Jurek, he's more of the nice guy I think. There was also more of a insta-love/attraction thing here, and sometimes those bother me. That being said, this book still rocks, insta-love or no insta-love. I can just imagine Annie writing all these scenes too lol nipple. (maybe only she'll get that...I don't just say nipple randomly, honest.) I can't wait for the next Edge book, which IS OUT NOW! So I'm going to go get me some more hot boys, while the rest of you who haven't read this one should hop to it now!