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Shooting Stars (A Surah Stormsong Novel, #1) - H.D. Gordon So I beta read this one, and I'm so thankful to H.D. and Nicole for letting me.

Welcome to H.D.'s slightly lighter side. For those who found the Alexa series a bit dark, this might be more your cup of tea. What doesn't change is H.D.'s amazing writing. If anything it's even better. Her descriptions of this new world is exceptional. The story starts off right away and doesn't slow down until you find yourself at the end. I read it one day, it was that good. A definite "could not put it down" book. The characters and relationships are built so well. There's no information dumping or drag in the story, H.D. manages to give us background information and history in little bits throughout the story that it doesn't slow it down once. Samson is an amazing character that you will find yourself in love with. Charlie is *sigh* Charlie...I just love him. When I started reading this I wondered what the significance was of the title. To be honest it didn't quite fit for me, until I reached the part where it all came together, and by God! The title actual breaks my heart a little when I found the source. So good! A definite must read!

This is released on March 15th!!!