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Redemption (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #4) - H.D. Gordon I don't even know what to say about this book. I had heard from a number of people that this was going to be the best in the series, and that the ending was going to blow my mind. Were they ever right! The last part of this book literally had me screaming, breathing a sigh of relief, and then back to screaming again while ending with a big cry. I honestly don't know what to say. The writing is obviously just as exceptional as the others, goes without saying. Alexa and Nelly are still as kick ass and lovable. The story itself...wow. It took a turn that left me spinning! I hate it and yet I love it. You'll have to read the book to understand. As much as I cried to the heavens "Why?! Dear God whhhyyy?", I also totally understand why H.D. ended this series the way she did. To be honest, and it hurts me to say because the ending really did kill a part of me inside, I probably would have done it the same way if it were me. As much as HEA's make us all warm and fuzzy, there are certain stories where that just doesn't work. I think H.D. stayed true to where this story was going and took a chance with how she wrapped it all up, but in a really sad way it was perfect. At one part I thought "No! She can't be ending it like this!" and then she gave me a slight ray of hope before crushing me again. And to be honest, that one ray of hope, even though I wanted it a lot, I thought it would have been the easy way out if she had went with it. But she didn't, she still took the hard road while mind effing us along the way, and still ended with our beating hearts in her hand. Again, I think it needed to happen, and I'm so amazed at this series as a whole. Great story, amazing characters, and above par writing. A, without a doubt, 5 stars!