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Edge of Disaster (An Edge Novel, #1) - A.M. Hargrove I suck and have meant to review this for AGES! So A.M. is a very close friend of mine, I'm proud to say, and reading this book made me so proud of her. I feel like every book of hers just keeps getting better. I think the only reason this lost a star for me was because I read it after Dark Watlz, and I just didn't think it was quite as good. Might be because I have a serious infatuation with Jurek. I guess I like the moody, dark guys lol Pearce is super-hot too, don't get me wrong, but compared to good ol'Jurek, he's more of the nice guy I think. There was also more of a insta-love/attraction thing here, and sometimes those bother me. That being said, this book still rocks, insta-love or no insta-love. I can just imagine Annie writing all these scenes too lol nipple. (maybe only she'll get that...I don't just say nipple randomly, honest.) I can't wait for the next Edge book, which IS OUT NOW! So I'm going to go get me some more hot boys, while the rest of you who haven't read this one should hop to it now!